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Sean Hastings, Editor
12:23 pm CST February 7, 2020

A local YouTuber reportedly set up a Grindr account pretending to be a 13-year-old boy in an attempt to lure an adult male to meet at Walmart in New Lenox.

New Lenox Police are investigating the incident. And Deputy Chief Louis Alessandrini said police are unsure on which night the alleged incident occurred.

The video, which was posted Feb. 4, shows the YouTuber “Bennett Buz,” whose real name is Bennett Buczynski, waiting for the man in the store and eventually following him to the parking lot, where he repeatedly asked him what he was doing there.

Alessandrini said police do not recommend people set up their own sting operations, and do not recommend posting those videos to social media, as everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Alessandrini said Buczynski has been cooperative with the investigation.

“We’re looking at all possibilities of what may or may not have happened and get to the truth to see what led this male individual to the Walmart,” Alessandrini said. “If you go off what he claims in the video, he basically set up an account and lured in an adult. We’re looking to get video and forensic evidence, as well as talking with witnesses.”

The man in the video is wearing an orange and black jacket with the letters "WL" depicted on it. According to a Facebook post by the West Lawn Little League, the board of directors "took immediate action and have removed him from his position as chairman of the West Lawn board of directors."

The investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made.