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From the Editor

What addiction is and does
Special Games always an inspiration to cover
Moving forward in a positive manner
Taking care of Mother Earth
Featuring many people who follow their passions
Bringing light to the unidentified and missing persons in the U.S.
Learning from the past to make sense of the present
Advancing education through tech with a purpose, plan
Creating something from nothing
Get involved, take advantage of Channel 6’s free class
One more year, countless more memories made
A challenge to see, experience more of the world in 2016
Trinity enriches lives through technology, variety of programs
Daring to dream through adulthood
Setting aside time to take care of nature
Lessons learned through competition
Taking a moment to say thank you
Feeding the need in New Lenox
Thinking globally about helping others
A day to be someone — or something — else (and enter our contest)
The joys of adopting a furry friend
Learning a lesson in sports
Celebrating the services that help those in need
Taking the first steps to address addiction
Loving our neighbors in our everyday lives