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Pictured is the house mixed grill ($29.95) — a dinner for two featuring skewers of beef shish kabob, lamb shish kabob, kifta kabob, shish tawook, salmon kabob and kibbeh — at The Shish Kabob House in Orland Park. (Bill Jones/22nd Century Media)
Bill Jones, Managing Editor
5:10 am CDT May 16, 2014

While the Orland Park area has its fair share of Middle Eastern restaurants, and while the storefront at 9328 W. 159th St. has already seen two come and go, Faye Alowisi said she thinks the area has still been missing something when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine — authenticity.

Which is why she and her husband, Amjad, decided last November to pick up the ball and try to bring something real to the site that previously housed Pita Oven and The Nile Restaurant by opening The Shish Kabob House.