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Sean Hastings, Editor
6:29 pm CDT March 30, 2020

There are three confirmed cases of the coronavirus in New Lenox, Mayor Tim Baldermann announced in a Facebook video posted by the Village on Monday, March 30. 

One of the confirmed cases is a worker at a memory care center in town. 

"This now has hit our community personally," Baldermann said in the video. "You've heard of social distancing, physical distancing, all of the CDC guidelines and all of the health experts are saying that our best bet to being able to to control this virus, or at least flatten the curve, is to truly practice, physical distancing.

"If you are not following these guidelines set forward, you are quite possibly harming the health and and welfare of so many other people."

Baldermann said one of the people who tested positive is at Silver Cross Hospital, but he was unsure of the other two, as of press time. 

Baldermann also did not have the ages of the three confirmed residents, and the Will County Health Department was not immediately available for comment.

In addition to asking people to keep up with social distancing guidelines in stores, Baldermann also announced that all playgrounds will be closed. People can still go out for walks and runs if they choose.