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New Lenox Village Board: Ordinance passed to give local businesses loans

by Sean Hastings, Editor News, Village

Mayor Tim Baldermann and the board of trustees passed an ordinance that would allow local businesses that are directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic to apply for a bridge loan through the Village. 

The ordinance...

Village rebates $1.4 million in property taxes to its residents

by Sean Hastings, Editor News, Village

The Village of New Lenox’s philosophy is that it will take what it needs to provide the services for the people and return what it has left over. 

“It’s something that we promised the people a long time ago that we...

New Lenox State of the Village: New Lenox looking for growth now, planning for future

by Sean Hastings, Editor News, Village

Since 2010, New Lenox’s population has grown from 24,394 to 28,359. 

“You look at our growth here in New Lenox, we’re doing very well,” Mayor Tim Baldermann said. “...We’re growing steadily and consistently. That’s...