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Megan Schuller, Freelance Reporter
12:00 am CDT August 22, 2018

The first time I covered a school board meeting as a freelance reporter, I had no idea what I was in for.

I joked to myself while I waited an hour in closed session that it should have been called by its homophone: a “bored meeting.” The agenda was two pages long and written in terms I had yet to understand. It was intimidating at first, but I quickly learned the language and saw how local villages thrive on community involvement through many facets, one of which was meetings like that.



I recently read your article titled, "Understanding the Ins and Outs of the D210 Budget". I live in Frankfort and geographically an 'Eastsider' in D210. Your 9-11 Article succinctly described the financial issues impacting the financial dilemma we all find ourselves trying to solve. It was a very good article. One of my take-aways from your article is what I believed over the 3 yrs I've been engaged in this issue: Our BOE appears to have good intentions and has taken several modest steps to fix our indebtedness but haven't had the courage to make the tough austerity decisions required to accelerate the financial remedy required. This is doubly troubling as they have asked for advice from outside financial experts like Larry Hideman and Marie Ann Donovan and fail to take their advice. Well I've taken enough of your time. A Heads-Up for a future article. You may or may not know the D210 Property Tax , per the restructuring of the Bond payments which was renegotiated several years ago, will kick-into our D210 property tax bills in 2019. Trust me it will get a lot of tax payer attention. You might want to get ahead of the event with an article or two.

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