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Das German Chocolate cupcake (left) at Fleckenstein’s in New Lenox is geared toward coconut-lovers.
Sharon O’Neill (right), owner of Dough Guys in Palos Heights, shows off her Strawberry Sensation cupcake.
Staff Report
4:00 am CST January 27, 2020

People love to talk about trends in food.

Cupcakes were the next big thing, and then (depending on who you ask) cupcake shops were overbaked and ready to be tossed by the early 2010s. Some would argue they saw a resurgence near the end of the decade, while others say their moment has passed.

But we say a well-crafted, tasty personal treat never really goes out of style. (And we’re usually right about these things.)

The proof is in the pudding — or, batter.